Entertainment and merchandising

We do our best to make this tournament a great and nice event. So every evening we have music from our Quick-dj’s. And you can join the lottery for 3,50 Euro and win cool prizes, like a free New York Pizza (50x):

You can also buy merchandise as a souvenir to remember this tournament!
Eastpro, the base- and softbal shop,  has a stand all week and they are selling a T-shirt for Euro 19,-:

And we sell sillicone wristbands for only Euro 3,50. They are also available in the Eastpro-stand:

You can also keep the MESC poster as a souvenir for only 1 Euro.

And last but not least, we have nice softball jewellery (3,50 Euro) and Quick-caps, one size fits all (20 Euro):